How’s it working for you

Obama reset with the Russia–fell flat, now humiliation.

Arab Spring–9/11 attacked in Lybia. Our installation of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt a total disaster for Obam, but a win for the people who had to override Barack and Hillary’e nosing around in their affairs.

Obama economy and QE attempts–total failure. Example: 60% of new jobs last month were part time. Jobs at the Obama Care call center in the SF bay area are part time to avoid paying health benefits.

Obama–“he could have been my son.” Another stupid statement that should no be made by a President before a trial.

Obama closing GITMO–what can you say?

Obama Care–a train wreck in the works


Bob Filner–A power crazed pervert that needs to resign. He is causing great harm to the City of San Diego, but his greed for power, especially over women, does not cease.

San Diego Democrat leaders–They all knew about Filner’s perversions but did nothing to warn new potential victims. Shame on Marti Emerald, Todd Gloria, and all the rest.